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Home Maintenance Checklist

CityGate Real Estate Services, LLC- Home Maintenance Checklist

Month by Month Home Maintenance Checklist

Remember that paying attention to basic home maintenance responsibilities will help protect your investment. Keep in mind that maintenance needs vary from home to home and community to community so you may want to add (or subtract) a few things from these lists, depending on where you live.


  • Keep plenty of salt handy in your garage or basement for icy sidewalks and walkways.
  • Examine and clean kitchen appliances.
  • Vacuum the condenser coil located in the back or bottom of the refrigerator and clean the drain pan.
  • Wash kitchen exhaust hood and air filters.
  • Clean dishwasher food filters and check that openings in spray arms are clear.
  • Store a fire extinguisher within reach of your stove.
  • Check your attic for adequate insulation.


  • Check the snow load on your roof. If it seems excessive, call a roofing contractor to remove the snow, which could otherwise cause the roof to leak or collapse.
  • Clean faucet aerators and shower heads.
  • Remove and replace any worn or crumbling caulk or grout in and around bathtubs, sinks and toilets.
  • Vacuum bathroom vent fan covers.
  • Make sure the light bulbs in all home fixtures are of the correct wattage.
  • Replace all extension cords, lamp cords and plugs that are brittle, worn or damaged.


  • Inspect walls and ceilings for cracks or bulges, and patch and paint as necessary.
  • Hire a professional to check your water heater.
  • Check basement and crawl space for moisture or leakage after wet weather.
  • Examine exterior fascia and trim for deterioration.
  • Repair cracked, broken or uneven driveways and sidewalks.
  • Inspect your stairs and railings for any loose sections.


  • Hire a professional air conditioning contractor to inspect and maintain your system.
  • Inspect your roof for any missing, loose or damaged shingles.
  • Check the fireplace flue to make sure it is closed for the warmer weather.
  • Remove your storm windows.
  • Repair or replace screens with holes large enough for insects to enter your home.
  • Scrape and paint any wood surfaces that have peeled or weathered.
  • Clean and inspect your lawn mower.


  • Remove debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Fertilize and aerate your lawn.
  • Extend downspouts away from house onto splash blocks.
  • Inspect your deck or patio, and paint if necessary.
  • Clear window wells.
  • Replace or repair old and damaged water hoses.


  • Prepare flower beds and plant your garden.
  • Clean and organize your garage.
  • Repair any damage to fences.
  • To conserve energy, set your thermostat to the highest comfortable setting.
  • Re-grade soil around foundation walls as needed.
  • Examine and trim trees and shrubs away from the home.


  • Examine your basement, attic and other small spaces for summer pest infestation.
  • Inspect all window and door locks to assure safety.
  • Check your home for any water leaks or water damage.
  • Inspect and maintain your air conditioning unit and replace filters.
  • Keep your lawn green by watering efficiently.
  • Hold a garage sale to clear away any unwanted items.


  • Clean dryer vent duct.
  • Test your sump pump.
  • Replace any broken light bulbs and make necessary repairs to outdoor lighting.
  • Inspect and maintain your air conditioning unit and replace filters.
  • Use grass clippings as fertilizer.
  • Be sure all family members know the location of water and gas shut-off valves.
  • Prepare your garden and lawn for cooler temperatures.


  • Trim tree limbs and vegetation away from roof and siding.
  • Schedule an appointment with a heating professional to check and clean furnace.
  • Fertilize lawn and garden.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment to winterize your pool.
  • Inspect roof openings and flashes; weatherproof as needed.


  • Disconnect garden hoses and shut off the valve to outside faucets.
  • Caulk or place weather-stripping around windows and doors to prevent drafts.
  • Replace or clean furnace filter.
  • Remove screens from windows and install storm windows.
  • Run all gas-powered lawn equipment until the fuel is gone.
  • Plant spring bulbs.
  • Test and change the batteries in all smoke detectors.


  • Make sure shovels and snow blowers are in working order.
  • Insulate pipes in your home's crawl spaces and attic.
  • Clean downspouts and gutters to remove leaves and debris.
  • Check supply of electrical fuses, breakers, candles and flashlights.
  • Remove birds' nests from chimney flues and outdoor electrical fixtures.
  • Inspect exterior lighting at walkways and entrances for safety.


  • Monitor ice build-up in gutters and downspouts.
  • Inspect all interior plugs and switches for safety.
  • Check and maintain fire extinguisher.
  • Examine wood burning flues for blockage and clean if necessary.
  • Grind ice cubes in garbage disposal to sharpen blades.
  • Check attic for leaks and condensation.
  • Store firewood at least 30 feet away from the house.

These are all very important items that buyers and most importantly, home inspectors review before giving the “thumbs up” on purchasing a home. Make sure you take this checklist seriously and consider checking off this list every month so that you can maintain the true value of your home.

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